About us

About Teamsters Union Local 855

Teamsters Union Local 855 is a growing team working across Newfoundland and Labrador. We stand together because there is strength in numbers. We believe in equality, fair wages and job satisfaction. These can only be achieved through unity, respectful dialogue and open negotiations. We are active on the front line of labour rights at the local, regional, national and international levels, pushing for better laws and policies to protect and promote the rights of workers.

As part of that process, we encourage members, new and long-term, to get involved in labour-related activity.

Labour has always been the backbone of our province’s economy. That gives us a solid place to start when we step up to the bargaining table to represent you. We back that up with a plan based on your needs. Because we communicate our members’ terms clearly to employers, we have a hard-earned reputation for getting the best possible deals for our members.

The success of Local 855 depends on the volunteer service of many members:

  • The Executive Board manages the operations of Teamsters Union Local 855. Members across all the Bargaining Units vote to choose the executive members. One person, one vote. Elected executives serve for 5 years before the next election. Anyone who is a member in good standing of the Local may run for election.
  • The Shop Steward in your Unit is a volunteer and your first point of contact when you have workplace-related questions, complaints or grievances.
  • Other Volunteer Roles include service on subcommittees.
  • Local 855 also employs paid office staff. They are experts in organizing new Bargaining Units and negotiating contracts and agreements with employers and enforcing the terms of existing Collective Bargaining Agreements for the benefit of members.Click here to learn more about the staff of Teamsters Union Local 855.

About Teamsters Canada

One of our most important affiliates is Teamsters Canada. They represent 125,000 union members across this country in a wide range of industries. Members provide essential services that positively affect the lives of most Canadians. Teamsters Canada has a simple goal: enable members to maintain and build equality, opportunity and security in the workplace. Teamsters Canada strives to keep members on the job to earn a higher standard of living for themselves and their families and to give back to their communities.

Teamsters Mission and Purpose

The second article in the Teamsters Constitution says that the Union’s primary responsibility is to organize and educate workers so they can have a higher standard of living, than they would if they were not organized.

To fulfill this key role, Teamsters Union Local 855 participates in the following activities:

  • Organizes workers who want to press for equal opportunity and security in the workplace.
  • Educates workers so they can take full advantage of their labour rights.
  • Involves workers in the political process to defend and advance for issues of labour rights and freedom.
  • Negotiates and enforces contracts with employers to ensure that they treat members fairly and respectfully.