Withdrawal Card FAQ

Withdrawal Card FAQ

Q. What is a Withdrawal Card?

Upon request, Teamsters Local 855 will issue a Withdrawal Card to a member who must leave his or her union-protected job for an extended period. Reasons for issuing a Withdrawal Card include but are not limited to:

  • leave of absence
  • medical leave
  • undue hardship
  • family responsibilities
  • military service

Your Withdrawal Card will be issued as soon as your dues are paid to the end of the month in which we receive your request.

Q. Do I need a Withdrawal Card?

You should request a Withdrawal Card if you are going to be off work for an extended period for any of the above reasons. This is how our office knows that you are not going to be working and therefore not remitting union dues. When you return to work you will not owe back dues or a re-initiation fee. If you return to work at another Teamster-represented employment, you can deposit your Withdrawal Card and avoid re-initiation fee.

Q. How does having a Withdrawal Card affect my membership?

When we issue you a Withdrawal Card, your status is listed as “Inactive”. That means you do not pay membership dues after the month in which you submit your request for a Withdrawal Card, but you are not eligible for membership voice and vote.

Q. What are “Out-of-Work” union dues?

If you are no longer working with your unionized employer due to lay-off or any reasons listed above, and you wish to retain your membership voice and vote, then you have the option to pay “Out-of-Work” union dues. Simply, notify the office staff of your change in employment status, and pay a small fee of $20 per month until you obtain a position with a Teamster-represented employer. Selecting this option allows you to remain an “Active” member.

More Questions?

Please contact the Teamsters Union Local 855 at (709) 579-5706 if you have any other questions.