Our union advantage

Union Advantage #1: Earn a higher wage

On average, unionized workers in Newfoundland and Labrador earn 22% more than non-unionized workers and represent 38% of the total workforce taking home approximately $30 million more in wages every week. There is strength in numbers!

Union Advantage #2: Addressing the gender gap

Unionized women earn $7.76 more per hour than non-unionized women. Unionized women in Canada have narrowed the pay gap to earn 89% on average of what unionized men make working the same hours. Non-unionized women on average make 71% of men in the same positions. And union negotiations continue to close that gap until we achieve equity.

Union Advantage #3: Delivering workplace solutions for the next generation

An important part of our strategy to build successful workplaces in every industry is to provide mentorship to junior members and to encourage the next generation to join the union. Active and united youth make us stronger at the bargaining table and in the community. By encouraging them to get involved with the union from the start of their careers, we give them a stake in the bargaining and gain their insights in what is needed to provide equal opportunity and security to all our members in the future. Click here if you would like more information about TCYC (Teamsters Canada Youth Committee).

Union Advantage #4: Making it right

Teamsters Union Local 855 Newfoundland and Labrador believes in equal opportunity and security for all. If you are being overlooked in your workplace, or if you don’t feel secure, then we should talk. If you know of someone who’s being denied equal opportunity or who is worried about job security, we can help. If you, or someone you know, is facing discrimination or unfair treatment in the workplace, we can help make it right. Contact us or have the other person contact us. Your inquiry is 100% confidential.

Union Advantage #5: Negotiating good wages and benefits

Teamsters Union Local 855 has an excellent track record in negotiating exceptional Collective Agreements for our members. As a member of Local 855 you can expect:

  • wages that are higher than the industry average
  • industry-leading benefits such as group health insurance and member pensions
  • job security
  • improved workplace conditions and safety