Message from the President

Working people deserve to be heard when they speak out for change in the workplace. At Local 855 our goal is to help you create that positive change. You deserve strong representation with a united voice. We seek on your behalf respect and safety in the workplace, bargain for a living wage and benefits, and help secure your retirement. We know these changes benefit not just you and your co-workers, but also your families and your communities.

We applaud those who care enough to make a difference in the working lives of their co-workers, anyone who recognizes the need for a strong union, and who stands up with their co-workers to make those changes happen.

We proudly represent more than 1,700 members from diverse industries and backgrounds. We are united by our values and we are strong in our unity, and determination to improve working conditions for everyone. Through our affiliations, 1.4 million strong, we are large enough to serve our members, but our focus is local.

The most rewarding part of my duties, as President, is having the privilege of seeing our members grow professionally and personally. We are ready to serve you and to respond when you reach out to us. Together we are making Newfoundland and Labrador stronger, one member, one jobsite at a time. And you are the key part of that process.

Please contact me any time. Our doors are always open!


Richard Gill

President/Business Manager
Teamsters Union Local 855

Teamsters 855 Leadership Team

With more than 150 years of combined service and leadership, your Teamsters Local 855 team stands up every day to ensure that you and your fellow members have fair wages, safe working conditions and job security.

**. Photo by Greg Locke © 2021.
President & Business Manager

Years of service: 1982 – Current
Years in office: 1992 – Current
Industries Represented: Automotive, Construction, Couriers, Waste Management, Fishery Observers, Factory, Security, Municipalities, Health Care

**. Photo by Greg Locke © 2021.
Secretary-Treasurer & Business Agent

Years of service: 2010 – Current
Years in office: 2013 – Current
Industries Represented: Construction, Dairy, Municipalities, Couriers, Stevedores, Factory, Waste Management, Bartenders

Trustee & Business Agent

Years of service: 1997 – Current
Years in office: 2015 – Current
Industries Represented: Automotive, Courier, Waste Management, Municipalities, Health Care

Vice-President & Office Manager

Years of service: 1994 – Current
Years in office: 1994 – Current
Industries Represented: Office Administration

Recording Secretary & Construction Dispatcher,
Teamsters Canada Foundation,
Former VP Canada Council, Canadian Labour Congress

Years of service: 2009 – Current
Years in office: 2009 – Current
Industries Represented: Construction, Office Administration

Business Agent

Years of service: 2013 – Current
Years in office: 2019 – Current
Industries Represented: Health Care


Years of service: 2013 – Current
Years in office: 2016 – Current

Don Payne

Years of service: 38
Years in office: 2020 – Current
Industries Represented: Automotive

Mike Oliver

Years of service: 29 
Years in office: 2020 – Current
Industries Represented: Parcel and Package

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