There is strength in diversity. As a member of Local 855 you are part of a strong and diverse local union with national and international connections. There are close to one and a half million Teamsters across North America. We are part of a united team of experts who cover every aspect of labour rights. Together we have the power to make real change. And we bring this expertise and power to work for you.

Teamsters Union Local 855 represents more than 1700 members across Newfoundland and Labrador in a wide range of industries in two divisions:

Construction Industry Division
The Construction Division includes members employed in commercial and residential construction and includes but is not limited to the following trades:
Private Industry Division
Teamsters Union Local 855 members work in a wide range of private sector jobs and industries. Despite the diversity of workers we serve in the private sector, we stand united in improving their working conditions and gaining the benefits that they deserve.
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