Take back your rights

Your rights are protected

It is your legal right to be part of a union. Canadian Labour Law protects you by prohibiting your employer from actions that might limit your ability to join a union.

It is against the law for your employer to:
  • question you or your co-workers about union matters, union meetings, union interest, voting intentions or attitudes about unionization;
  • spy on you or your co-workers after hours or outside employer property whether or not they are engaged in organizing activities;
  • threaten you and your co-workers with termination, lay off, reduced hours, withheld wage increases, or any other punishment for union activity;
  • threaten to move, close or scale back operations the facility.

These acts violate your rights. They violate Canadian Labour Laws. Let’s stand together for dignity and respect on the job.
Report all violations that affect you or your co-workers – your employer MUST respect your rights.

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